Mockingbird Free Motion Embroidery Textile Art
  • Mockingbird Free Motion Embroidery Textile Art

    We all now the lullaby Hush Little Baby,  Well i heard a version that had the lyrics 'hear O hear the nightbird call, Soon O soon the night will fall' and thought it so pretty that I had to stitch it.


    My mockingbird has been created in white cotton with feather details picked out in grey thread and wings tipped in silver.  She flies in an inky blue sky dotted with naive stars and a crescent moon.  These have been stitched using my favourite silver thread and for extra sparkle also been highlighted with silver ink.  The all important lyrics have been stitched in thick white thread along the bottom.


    An original and one off textile art piece which is mounted in an off white mount.  

    • Product Details

      This embroidery measures 35.5cm x 28cm including mount.  Actual picture size is 29 x 20cm.  

      It will be sent Royal Mail First Class within 3 days of ordering.  Postage and packaging will be added at checkout

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